Corrective treatment meets indulgent self-care. Starting with a thorough consultation, we go over your skincare goals, struggles, and current routine. We customize every part of this facial to your individual needs. This 60 minute facial involves a deep double cleanse, exfoliation, application of corrective masks, and massage. Afterwards, we provide detailed post-care instructions as well as a personalized skincare routine recommendation. Option to add on dermaplaning is always available after consultation.


The Signature Facial eliminates the confusion from booking. Instead of offering a variety of different facials, we offer one single option. Each signature facial is unique to the needs of the person receiving it. This treatment is completely customized – using only high quality, medical-grade, professional products. This is a blend of a therapeutic experience and corrective treatment.

Because the signature facial is completely tailored to the individual, we are able to completely customize the products used during a treatment. We have a variety of options for sensitive skin from cleansers, serums, exfoliants, all the way to corrective masques. In addition, our estheticians go through specialized training for each skin type including sensitive skin. All of this ensures you the best facial possible.

Regular facials are so important because our skin is constantly changing. Age, lifestyle, hormones, diet, and even seasons affect our skin. Coming for facials regularly ensures that you are getting the most current recommendations and instructions for your home-care, so you can stay ahead of your skin concerns. Facials also offer professional exfoliation, which is much deeper than we are able to do at home. Professional exfoliation regularly prevents the buildup of dead skin cells, preventing a dry, textured skin appearance.

We use SkinMedica and GlyMed Plus for our backbar products. We have a variety of different treatment enhancers, including oxygenating products, enzymes, active exfoliants, peptides and more to use. During your treatment, your esthetician will explain to you the products they plan on using and how they will benefit your skin.

We recommend clients come no later than every 4 weeks. Skin is affected by lifestyle, hormonal, and even seasonal changes. Coming for facials regularly not only guarantees a deeper exfoliation than what you are able to receive at home, but the knowledge and updated recommendations from a skincare professional. This keeps your skin at its best, year round.

We start with a thorough consultation going over your concerns and home-routine. While we are working to correct your skin concerns, this is a more relaxing, therapeutic experience. Your esthetician selects products tailored to you to actively treat your concerts, while caring for your skin. We double cleanse, exfoliate, massage, apply corrective masques, serums, moisturizers, and finish with SPF to protect your skin.

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